0625 IGCSE Physics Membership Resources meant for the extended curriculum students for the 2021 and 2022 examinations . For 2023 to 2025 Examination Resources, click the link in the description given below

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Dear all,

Welcome to " IGCSE  0625-Physics  Course " 

We are delighted to  bring to you , the best quality  resources for  Cambridge IGCSE-0625-Physics, all designed by Cambridge trained and experienced staff and strictly as per the latest syllabus. For us Good quality resources  = In-depth Classified Resources Quality Study Notes +  Justified Pricing. 


  • IGCSE Physics Topic wise Past Papers: ( Chapter wise past papers) :12+ years of past papers with thousands of questions up to the most recent years.
  • The resource is valid for students writing their exams  in 2021 and 2022 only. For those writing their exams after 2023, you need to purchase  the correct subject membership for Physics  0625.
  • This  membership is for the extended curriculum  only ( Paper-2, Multiple choice paper Paper 4, Extended theory paper and paper 6, Alternative to practical paper).
  • The resources will include quality revision notes,  with inputs taken from the marking schemes as well. This will teach you how to answer  exam questions.
  • Topic wise resources such as topic wise past papers are super in depth. For example our general physics section is broken down  into smaller topics such as : Measuring time, Period of a simple pendulum, Density-Mass-Volume, Volume, Density, Measuring lengths, Speed-time ,Acceleration of free fall, Centre of mass, Hooke's law, Moment of a force, Forms of energy, Energy conversion, Renewable and non-renewable  energy ,Momentum, Pressure, Work, power, work-energy-power.. to name just a few. You need to peek into the section to understand better.

 Here is why we have done detailed bifurcation:

  • The IGCSE Physics syllabus  teaches you  many such smaller concepts. infact, it is all these smaller  concepts that make up the entire general physics. We do not want  our students to buy our resources and again search for these smaller concepts. Infact our team has worked hard to get this detailed level of classification of topics for you. And this is how our experts have classified other topics , rather all of the subjects where-ever  such a classification is possible.
  • Detailed paper solutions  available , both year wise and topic wise.
  • Special solutions for graphical / theory and numericals( sums) 
  • Video Lectures : Our video lectures are in-depth and are based on a large number of key-concepts. . 
  • Test-yourself section helping you to appear for a mock test at the completion of the syllabus.
  • Paid test series , that will be assessed by our subject experts , followed by detailed reports and  guidance for enhancing scores.
  • MCQ Quiz  designed to help you strengthen your understanding of smallest of concepts.
  • Special construction section to guide you on physics ray diagrams.
  • A special search bar to search your topics and also  also a new option. Now any new uploads will be marked as new for 10 days  from the day of uploads. 
  • All our resources are printable and downloadable ( all topic wise questions, model solutions, revision notes etc.), except the quiz section

PRICING:: On pricing we would like to state that" The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten"  And  when you buy our  single subject subscription , you might have to at the most sacrifice  two pitzas!!!...opportunity cost???...lol

So,  do subscribe if you haven't yet and benefit  from the wealth of resources  just like thousands  of your friends!

Link for the  New Syllabus 2023 to 2025 Exam Resources follow this link here

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