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Paper 1 Topic Questions and Mark Schemes / Topic 13 Layout
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Layout IGCSE ICT Topic Questions

Note: In this section ‘document’ relates to any of the applications used within sections 16 to 21.

13.1 Create or edit a document Candidates should be able to: Create a new document, or edit an existing document Notes and Guidance Enter and modify text and numbers with total accuracy Use editing techniques to manipulate text and numbers including highlight, delete, move, cut, copy, paste, drag and drop Place objects into the document from a variety of sources including text, image, screenshot, shapes, table, graph or chart, spreadsheet extract, database extract Wrap text around a table, chart or image including above, below, square and tight 

13.2 Tables Candidates should be able to: Work with tables within documents Notes and Guidance Create a table with a specified number of rows and columns Place text or objects in a table Edit a table and its contents including insert row(s) and column(s), delete row(s) and column(s), merge cells Format a table including to set horizontal cell alignment (left, right, centre, fully justified), set vertical cell alignment (top, middle, bottom), show gridlines, hide gridlines, wrap text within a cell, shading/colouring cells, adjust row height, adjust column width

13.3 Headers and footers Candidates should be able to: Use headers and footers appropriately within a range of software packages Notes and Guidance Create or edit headers and footers Align the contents of the header and footer consistently within a document including to left margin, right margin and centred within margins Place text and automated objects in headers and footers including file information, page numbering, total number of pages, date, time Candidates should know and understand: The purpose of headers and footers