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IGCSE Chemistry Topic Questions / Paper 2 /2023/2024/2025/2026/2027/2028 Exams  Free Preview

  • These are a few of the topic questions with mark schemes for IGCSE Chemistry for Topic 1  States of Matter for 0620 and 0971 (9-1) Paper  2 Multiple Choice Questions
  • All  resources are prepared by Cambridge trained teachers with over a decade of experience in teaching IGCSE and undergone all related Cambridge  training programmes .
  • Everything is matched to the latest syllabus requirements for 2023 to 2025 Exams.

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Why are our topic questions  unique?

  • Well, because when most  websites tell you the worksheet is on  Hooke's law, but give you all  irrelevant questions too along with it, We Don't!. So , go by the quality of  pdfs and not the quantity of pdf's

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