• 4.1-Definition-of-a-mole-Avogardros constant.pdf
  • 4.2-Relative-molecular-mass-Formula mass.pdf
  • 4.3-Calculating-concentration-and-volume.pdf
  • 4.4-Percentage-yield.pdf
  • 4.5-Molar-gas-volume-percentage-yield.pdf
  • 4.6-Limiting-and-excess-reagent.pdf
  • 4.7-Moles-of-water-and-emp-formulae.pdf
  • 4.8-Percentage-by-mass.pdf
  • 4.9-State-symbols-reactants-and-products.pdf
  • 4.10-Ionic-equations.pdf

The  Stoichiometry section gives detailed explanations  with board exam solutions in the revision notes section. The idea is that every child  should perform to his.her maximum potential in all the IGCSE Chemistry Exams

In the following space, some more  quick summary notes  in the form of donloadable pdfs shall be added to boost your exam scores. Where ever possible we are trying to make you think  and solve the sums , exactly the way, we as teachers do, so that you may dvelop indepth application skills.

1.1-The mole concept

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