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Smart Exam Resources is an online platform for helping students all over the world get access to the best of  IGCSE  resources.It is backed by a team of IGCSE trained and qualified experts , with rich experience.Our resources include IGCSE Revision Notes /Topic wise past paper questions /Solved past papers [ Model Solutions]/ Videos/Crash courses/Test Series and discounted online coaching.Students are also offered guidance for  solving board papers.



Jane      Ms Aparna-Bachelor of Physics and Masters in Education

Passionate about teaching and learning, Ms Aparna has ensured that research , innovation  and  expertise  are put together to develop resources that  cater to every learning style. Cambridge is all about  developing thinking skills. Hence  creating resources  that reduce dependency on tutors and instill independent study methods are the key guiding forces.


Mumbai, India

Based out of Mumbai -in a city that never sleeps!

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OUR EXERT TEAM: Our curriculum team comprises of IGCSE  trained and qualified teachers , with rich experience in teaching and assessing the relevant subjects.The team is well aware that Cambridge IGCSE is new to most  countries. Hence the resources are developed keeping in mind that  mastering the techniques of acing the IGCSE Exams is possible  for all.Currently the team is prioritizing creating  video lecture  courses,  covering complete syllabus and providing free crash courses to members of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, to begin with.

Currently we offer free and paid resources for:

  • Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint
  • Cambridge IGCSE

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