Contact Us

On what occasions to contact us:

  • In case you are unable to receive any verification email
  • In case you are unable to receive any password resent
  • If you have other technical difficulties using the site

How to contact us:

  1. Via Whatsapp :  [ +918424052680] 
  • Please contact us via whatsapp message only  and not by placing calls for any technical quesries. 
  • Please  leave a message at any time. It will be answered asap  during the working hours 
  • Calls will only be answered in case of availability of a person to attend them 
  • Also users are requested not to call during odd hours. We have users calling up as early as 6am and as late as 11.00pm  It needs to be remembered that the website in for online access 24/7 and not the employees.
  • Do not  call for  bargaining . all available discounts are displayed on the website, including coupons if any.
  • We do  accept direct calls in most cases as staff is occupied in other essential service. 
  1. Via email: 

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