IGCSE Chemistry Topic Questions /Revision Notes/ Chemistry Solutions[ Topic wise solved + Year wise solved papers]/ Videos covering the for Complete Syllabus / Free IGCSE Chemistry Crash Course Videos based on Last Minute Exam Tips /Mock Exam Tests Papers+ Much More. [ For 2026/2027/2028 Exams ]

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There are no major changes in the syllabus for    0620 / 0971 (9-1)  Chemistry  Exams as compared to 2023-3034-2025 Exams of Chemistry.  But a separate set of IGCSE Chemistry Resources has been created for 2026-2027-2028 Exams. This is to accommodate any last minute changes to the syllabus by Cambridge.

Resources included as a part of your IGCSE Chemistry 2026-2027-2028 Membership are as follows:

  • IGCSE Chemistry Revision Notes for  2026/2027/2028  for the  Revised  IGCSE Chemistry Syllabus:  IGCSE Chemistry Notes are Expert-Written. These Real-Time Classroom Experienced `Teachers are the best people ,to guide you with exam-oriented vocabulary. Notes include  application based questions  as examples to let you understand how concepts can be connected to real-life applications.
  • IGCSE Chemistry Topic wise Questions on the smallest of topics possible For  Paper 2[ Multiple choice paper]/Paper 4[ Structured Theory-Extended Paper] and Paper 6[Alternative to practical paper].  No  site can offer you this quality of categorisation for sure.
  • IGCSE Chemistry Questions with  Answers :These expert-written answers do 2 important things: 1.They guide you into the correct style of answering questions 2) They  avoid spoon feeding and hence allow your brains to perform their best!
  • Year wise solved papers: Currently: 5 Solved for Paper 2/14 Solved for Paper 4 and 19 solved for Paper 6 + More coming soon. You can use them to check your answers, when you are solving IGCSE Chemistry Past Papers, as a board exam practice.
  • IGCSE Chemistry Video lessons:  These videos teach you every single concept. Hence these are highly  popular amongst  home schooling , though igcse students and teachers  are on our regular member-list. You can do without a 'tutor' for sure!
  • Crash Course Videos:  Researching their way through curriculum and past exam papers of chemistry, these videos created by our experts, are an essential companion before exam to boost your grades. 
  • Paper 2 / Paper 4 and Paper 6 IGCSE  Mock Exam Test Papers with Mark Schemes: Use these Mock Papers to Test your Preparation before 'School-Mocks and Boards.'
  • The IGCSE Chemistry Past Paper Section: Access Past Papers/ Syllabus Copies/ Specimen Papers .Also learn to interpret the Mark Schemes

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