IGCSE Past Papers

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IGCSE Past Papers 


Following are the links to IGCSE Past Papers for different CAIE subjects


IGCSE Past Papers Accounting 0452

IGCSE Art and Design Past Papers  0400


IGCSE Past Papers US Biology 0438

IGCSE Past Papers  Business Studies  0450 

IGCSE Past Papers Bioloy  0610


iGCSE  Past Papers Chemistry 0620

IGCSE Past Papers Combined Science  0653

IGCSE Past Papers  Coordinated Sciences (Double Award) 0654


IGCSE Past Papers Drama  0411

IGCSE Past Papers Development Studies 0453

IGCSE  Past Papers Design and Technology 0455


IGCSE Past Papers First Language Arabic 0508

IGCSE Past Papers Environmental-Management 0680

IGCSE Past Papers Economics 0455


 IGCSE Past Papers Geography 0460 


IGCSE Past Papers History  0470

IGCSE Past Papers Hindi as a  Second language  0459


IGCSE Past Papers Math 0580 

IGCSE Past Papers Additional Math 0606 

IGCSE Past Papers Cambridge International-Math 0607 


IGCSE Past Papers Physics 0625 


IGCSE Past Papers:

  • CAIE IGCSE Past Papers/IGCSE Past Year Exam Papers/Mark Schemes/Examiner Reports/Learner Guide/Syllabus/Syllabus Changes  for Physics, Chemistry, Math, Biology, Business studies, Economics, English, Accounting, French, Drama, Geography, History,Hindi, Environmental  Management, Arabic for March, May June and October Sessions for all variants.
  • All sessions are not available to all countries globally. You need to check your time  zone to know which session is available for your child.
  • Till about 2009 or so, for most of the subjects, there was only one paper created for all students globally. Cambridge then came up with various time zones. Meaning now every paper would be made thrice. So for example  0625 IGCSE Physics would now have three variants namely 11/12/13; 21/22/23 , 31/32/33; 41/42/43.; 51/52/53 , 61/62/63.
  • So now most of the times it is a wrong belief that  those appearing for  variant 2 must only solve variant 2 papers! and why is this a myth? We  the reason is quite simple. The same curriculum for a particular subject is studied by all IGCSE students worldwide. So the papers are set in 3 different time zones for  administrative reasons only, based on a common syllabus. So solving  questions from all time zones gives you more practice questions.
  • Now the question is : How to identify your time zone? well the answer lies in the link that i am sharing with you now:


  • The above site gives you  detailed information on all available time zones and the one that you belong to.
  • So once you identify your time zone, you now need to solve your board exam papers. So when do you start solving them? Well you need to start solving them  as soon as you finish every small topic, if questions are present on them. And proud to state that our site provides you with  IGCSE  topic wise Past papers, Solved past papers/ Model solution/ Video Lectures / Expert tips/ Test series and a lot more in a single  membership . View our membership resources now to join thousands of happy members


IGCSE Past Papers and Questions by Topic





What are the available IGCSE resources as a part of  our website Smart Exam Resource Yearly  Membership ?

Following are the links to various Member Area Resources:

IGCSE Physics Resources [ 0625/ 0972]:  [ Topic Questions+ Past Paper Solutions ]+  Videos covering complete Syllabus+ Free Crash Course

IGCSE Biology Resources [ 0610 / 0970] [ Topic Questions + Past Paper Solutions] + Videos covering complete syllabus+ Free Crash Course

IGCSE Chemistry Resources[ 0620/ 0972] [ Topic Questions + Past Paper Solutions]  + Videos covering complete syllabus + Free Crash Course

0580-IGCSE Math Resources [ 0580 /0980] [ Topic Questions + Past Paper Solutions + Video Lectures + More]

0606-IGCSE Additional Mah Resources: [ Topic Questions]

0607-Cambridge International  Math  Resources :[ Topic Questions]

IGCSE Economics Resources [ 0455 / 0987] :[ Topic Questions+ Model Solutions + Revision Notes + Last Minute Revision Sheets + Mind-maps+ Glossary +More

IGCSE Hindi Resource [ 0549]:[ Topic Questions+ Model Solutions]

IGCSE English Resources[ 0500- First Languag English-Paper-2] [ Topic Questions+ Model Solutions + Skill pages + More]

IGCSE Combined Science Resources [ 0653] :[ Topic Questions] + [Video Lessons + Revision Notes-Coming Soon]+ More ]

IGCSE Coordinated Science Resources  [ 0654]: [ Topic Questions+[ Videos Lessons + Revision Notes-Coming Soon] More]

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