IGCSE Past Papers and Topic Questions

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IGCSE Past Papers and Topic Questions 


Where to  get past IGCSE papers?

  • Past IGCSE Papers are available on the Cambridge Website. In addition our site as well as many other sites have Cambridge IGCSE Past Papers for download.Schools typically have access to the latest past papers of various subjects. These papers are available as downloadable PDFs. However, the most recent papers may need to be purchased from the Cambridge website.


Are IGCSE Difficult?

One cannot generalize and say that IGCSE is difficult or not. For some, it can be simple, while for others, it can be challenging. Several factors contribute to the perceived difficulty of IGCSE:

  1. Analytical Skills vs. Memory Power: If a student has good memory power but lacks analytical skills, IGCSE might prove challenging as it emphasizes understanding and application rather than rote memorization.

  2. Transition from Another Board: Students who have recently transitioned to IGCSE from another educational board may find it difficult initially as it requires time to develop analytical skills and adapt to the curriculum.

  3. Time and Resources: Studying IGCSE subjects in-depth, solving past papers, and mastering subject-specific vocabulary and writing techniques can be time-consuming. Experienced teachers who can simplify content and provide guidance on exam techniques are crucial for success.

  4. Performance Challenges: For academically weaker students, achieving higher grades in IGCSE can be challenging due to the emphasis on application-based learning and difficulty in understanding and memorizing concepts.

Ultimately, while some students may find IGCSE challenging, others may excel with the right support and dedication. It's important to recognize that labeling IGCSE as difficult or easy is subjective and depends on individual learning styles and circumstances.


Is it easy to score in IGCSE?

Scoring well in IGCSE is certainly achievable, but it requires significant dedication and effort. Here's why:

  1. Thorough Understanding: To excel in IGCSE, it's crucial to have a deep grasp of concepts. Students must cover every aspect outlined in the syllabus and use the prescribed vocabulary effectively.

  2. Quality Teaching: Having skilled teachers who simplify complex content and teach effective paper-solving techniques is vital. They should also familiarize students with examiner expectations and encourage self-study and analysis.

  3. Emphasis on Application and Analysis: IGCSE places a strong emphasis on practical application and critical analysis rather than rote memorization. Therefore, students need to engage in solving relevant questions and cross-check their answers using mark schemes.

  4. Independent Effort and Practice: Students should not solely rely on teachers but should also put in their own efforts. Crafting a study plan and solving questions from various topics, even the minutest ones, is crucial. However, it's important to note that solving a large number of questions alone does not guarantee success. Instead, students should aim to tackle both familiar and new questions to truly test their preparation.

  5. Avoid Over-reliance on Past Papers: While practicing past papers is beneficial, relying solely on them may not be enough. Students should challenge themselves with new questions to build confidence and identify areas for improvement. Understanding that the actual exam will contain fresh sets of questions, students should aim to solve both familiar and new questions to boost their confidence and readiness for the exam.

By immersing themselves in understanding concepts thoroughly, practicing with a variety of questions, and maintaining realistic expectations, students can increase their likelihood of scoring well in IGCSE.




IGCSE Past Papers

  • IGCSE Past Papers for Cambridge [ CAIE} can be accessed  for various subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, and more.
  • Available resources include past  papers, mark schemes, examiner reports, learner guides, syllabus details, and syllabus changes.
  • Papers are offered for March, May, June, and October sessions across all variants.
  • Time zones dictate which variant (series) of papers you'll encounter in your exams.
  • Previously, only one paper variant was created for all students globally, but Cambridge introduced multiple time zones.
  • Now, each paper is produced three times, with examples like 0625 IGCSE Physics having variants 11/12/13, 21/22/23, 31/32/33, 41/42/43, 51/52/53, 61/62/63.
  • Despite common belief, students aren't limited to solving papers from their specific variant. The curriculum is consistent globally, and papers are distributed across time zones for administrative purposes.
  • Practicing questions from all time zones provides valuable additional practice.
  • Identify your time zone using the provided link.


  • The aforementioned website provides detailed information about all available time zones and helps you identify the one relevant to you.
  • Once you determine your time zone, it's time to tackle your board exam papers.
  • Begin solving them as soon as you finish studying each small topic, provided questions are available.
  • Our site offers IGCSE topic-wise past papers, solved papers, model solutions, video lectures, expert tips, test series, and much more—all within a single membership.
  • View our membership resources now to join thousands of happy members






IGCSE Past Papers for different CAIE subjects


IGCSE Past Papers Accounting 0452

IGCSE Art and Design Past Papers  0400


IGCSE Past Papers US Biology 0438

IGCSE Past Papers  Business Studies  0450 

IGCSE Past Papers Bioloy  0610


IGCSE  Past Papers Chemistry 0620

IGCSE Past Papers Combined Science  0653

IGCSE Past Papers  Coordinated Sciences (Double Award) 0654


IGCSE Past Papers Drama  0411

IGCSE Past Papers Development Studies 0453

IGCSE  Past Papers Design and Technology 0455


IGCSE Past Papers First Language Arabic 0508

IGCSE Past Papers Environmental-Management 0680

IGCSE Past Papers Economics 0455


 IGCSE Past Papers Geography 0460 


IGCSE Past Papers History  0470

IGCSE Past Papers Hindi as a  Second language  0459


IGCSE Past Papers Math 0580 

IGCSE Past Papers Additional Math 0606 

IGCSE Past Papers Cambridge International-Math 0607 


IGCSE Past Papers Physics 0625 

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Video Lectures

IGCSE Videos

  • IGCSE Videos for Physics ( 0625 and 0972 (9-1)  and Chemistry  0620 and 0971 (9-1) are available
  • Videos cover the complete syllabus

Sample IGCSE Videos for Physics

Topic 1: Motion , Forces and Energy

Sub-topic: 1.1 Physical quantities and measurement techniques

Video 1: Measuring Length

Video 2:  Measuring Voume

Video 3: Measuring time , Analogue and Digital Clocks

Video 4 : Time period of a simple pendulum

Video 5 : Scalars and Vectors

Video 6: Scalars and Vectors-More examples


If you like the video and want to go ahead buying the complete set of videos that teach you the entire syllabus of two year IGCSE, then buy them from this link here



Solved Past Papers

IGCSE Past Papers Solved

  • IGCSE Solved Past Papers for Physics/Chemistry/Math/Biology  for Paper 2 / Paper 4 and Paper 6
  • While most sites give you markschemes are  say that they are giving you solved past papers (Questions and Answers), We  give you detailed step by step solutions to IGCSE Past Papers when we call them as Solved Past Papers.


IGCSE Physics Solved Past Papers [ Solved Questions and Answers pdf] Paper Code 0625

Paper 2 Multiple Choice Paper [ Extended Syllabus] - Sample Copies

Paper 2-0625-Physics-May-June-2017-Solved.pdf

Paper 4 Structured Theory Paper [ Extended Syllabus] - Sample Copies


Paper 6 Alternative to  Practical  Paper [ Extended Syllabus] - Sample Copies


If you like the above copies of solved past papers and want to buy more solved papers, then you have two buying options: Follow the links to know more]


IGCSE Chemistry  Solved Past Papers [ Solved Questions and Answers pdf] Paper Code 0620

Paper 2 Multiple Choice Paper [ Extended Syllabus] -  Chemistry Sample Copies


Paper 4 Structured Theory Paper [ Extended Syllabus] - Chemistry Sample Copies


Paper 6 Alternative to  Practical  Paper [ Extended Syllabus] - Chemistry Sample Copies


If you like the above copies of solved past papers and want to buy more solved papers, then you have two buying options: Follow the links to know more]


IGCSE Biology  Solved Past Papers [ Solved Questions and Answers pdf] Paper Code 0610

Paper 2 Multiple Choice Paper [ Extended Syllabus] - Biology  Sample Copies


Paper 4 Structured Theory Paper [ Extended Syllabus] - Biology Sample Copies

0610_s19_qp_42- IGCSE-Biology-Solved-Past-Paper-Questions-And-Answers.pdf

Paper 6 Alternative to  Practical  Paper [ Extended Syllabus] -Biology  Sample Copies


If you like the above copies of solved past papers and want to buy more solved papers, then you have two buying options: Follow the links to know more]



What are the available IGCSE resources as a part of  our website Smart Exam Resource Yearly  Membership ?

Following are the links to various Member Area Resources:

IGCSE Physics Resources [ 0625/ 0972]:  [ Topic Questions+ Past Paper Solutions ]+  Videos covering complete Syllabus+ Free Crash Course

IGCSE Biology Resources [ 0610 / 0970] [ Topic Questions + Past Paper Solutions] + Videos covering complete syllabus+ Free Crash Course

IGCSE Chemistry Resources[ 0620/ 0972] [ Topic Questions + Past Paper Solutions]  + Videos covering complete syllabus + Free Crash Course

0580-IGCSE Math Resources [ 0580 /0980] [ Topic Questions + Past Paper Solutions + Video Lectures + More]

0606-IGCSE Additional Mah Resources: [ Topic Questions]

0607-Cambridge International  Math  Resources :[ Topic Questions]

IGCSE Economics Resources [ 0455 / 0987] :[ Topic Questions+ Model Solutions + Revision Notes + Last Minute Revision Sheets + Mind-maps+ Glossary +More

IGCSE Hindi Resource [ 0549]:[ Topic Questions+ Model Solutions]

IGCSE English Resources[ 0500- First Languag English-Paper-2] [ Topic Questions+ Model Solutions + Skill pages + More]

IGCSE Combined Science Resources [ 0653] :[ Topic Questions] + [Video Lessons + Revision Notes-Coming Soon]+ More ]

IGCSE Coordinated Science Resources  [ 0654]: [ Topic Questions+[ Videos Lessons + Revision Notes-Coming Soon] More]

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