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IGCSE Biology Past Papers / Topic Questions / Notes / Solved Past Papers / Video Lessons / Syllabus Copies/ Specimen Papers for 0610 and 0970 for 2023/2024/2025 Exams.

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About IGCSE Biology 0610 /0970  
  • All resources present in the member area are perfect for students appearing for Cambridge IGCSE Biology2022/ 2023/2024/2025 exams.

What you get upon purchasing the Cambridge IGCSE Biology 0610 / 0970 resource:

  • IGCSE  Biology Topic questions pdf for Cambridge  0610 / 0970/  : Our website membership is unique in that it provides questions on Past Papers Topic wise  on smallest of topics, which no other site does.  Do not go by the quantity, go by the quality always. We provide micro-topic wise resources as far as possible.
  • Revision Notes for IGCSE Biology: Notes covering the entire syllabus are available for 2022/2023/2024/2025
  • IGCSE Biology Questions and Answers pdf / Solved Topic questions for Cambridge IGCSE  0610 / 0970 [ Model Solutions]: The sample questions are solved both, topic wise and year-wise. We do not encourage spoon-feeding of every answer. The idea here is to help you understand the correct way of answering board exam questions by giving you a few sample solutions. By December  2023, IGCSE Past Paper Expert Solutions will be uploaded from 2016 to 2021 for Paper 2 [ Multiple Choice], Paper 4 [ Structured theory] and Paper 6 [ Alternative to  Practicals]
  • IGCSE Biology video lessons:  Videos covering the complete syllabus are present. Note that  there are no videos on experiments/investigations. Though we might include them in future.
  • IGCSE Biology Crash course [Videos]: This will be available free of cost to the students who have purchased this course. It will contain special exam tips for paper 2 / [Multiple choice] paper 4 [ Extended theory] and paper 6 [ Alternative to practical] -Availability will be announced later.
  • Special Diagram based MCQ section:  To help you master the biology diagrams. A sample bank is provided to you.
  • IGCSE Biology Syllabus / IGCSE Biology Past Papers/ Specimen Papers

A special note:

  • Do not compare our data by the number of pages given to you by other websites. Please compare the relevant questions for every topic When you do this, you will find that while most sites give you irrelevant questions too apart from the original questions and you end you wasting ink and paper and your valuable time. We have deleted the irrelevant questions. This is because no one would be interested in solving irrelevant questions belonging to different topics. For instance, if out of Q1a/b/c/d/e, if only 1(a) belongs to the first lesson, then we have chopped off b/c/and d. and have made them a part of the appropriate lessons. This is to save your time, energy and resources [ paper and ink too] So go by the quality and not quantity [ number of pages]
  • All the above resources are online. All pdfs are downloadable and printable  There is nothing that our website will courier (ship ) to  any member, paid or free.

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