Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions


1.Where is Smart Exam Resources located?

 Smart Exam Resources is located in Mumbai, India.

 2. Is  Smart Exam Resources run by  Cambridge experienced faculty?

Yes, It is run by an  an educational expert with a formal teaching experience of over 10+ years  in IGCSE/A level      Schools, with a total teaching career spanning 20+ years. She also has  undergone  Cambridge teacher training courses, headed departments , conducted , workshops, assessments and  involved in the process of evaluation. 



1.How do i start using smart exam resources online   website?

 For using smart exam resources website, you need to do the following steps:

  • Sign up with your  correct details. Do not leave any fields blank.
  • Carefully cross check the email address that you are typing in for any errors .
  • After  completing the form, hit the  SIGNUP button.
  • Now go to your   email address that you have entered while signing up and click on the VERIFICATION LINK. Usually this link should appear in your INBOX. But do check other folders too,incase you do not receive it in your inbox.Sometimes the link might take a few seconds in case of many requests at the same time. Do check back in a few seconds.
  • Upon clicking  on the link sent to you, you become a verified user of the website. This process accepts you as a  website user and olny then you  will be able to log into Smart Exam Resources's website
  • You can now begin usuing  the website by  logging in with  your verified email address and password


1.Are the resources matching the latest prescribed syllabus?

Yes. They also undergo regular updates

2. Are the questions taken from the same exam board papers?

Yes. To give you an example, lets say, you have purchased  the IGCSE-0580, so all the topic questions will be 100% from igcse past papers. When we feel that we need to provide you extra practise, then we include such questions and clearly specify" These additional practise questions have been taken from other cambridge boards" But even while doing so we  take the questions from  Cambridge board on;y and no  other board.

3. How will i know when new questions are added?

Good question!. So we have a red coloured pop-up  that says NEW and  it stays active for 10 days post upload.So instead of emailing you when we upload new course material, we have the pop ups telling you about it

4. The topic questions include how many years of IGCSE Past Paper Questions?

The number of questions varies from subject to subject. The details can be found on the Courses and Memberships page. But we see to it that we provide you with the data for maximum number of years  including the  latest years. 

5. Since the syllabus keeps changing, shouldnt you be avoiding taking data from the lowermost years too?

Here we would like to explain to you a couple of points:

1. When the syllabus changes,we map the new syllabus with the old syllabus and only pick data that fits the latest syllabus. This is obvious from the lesson names that  give to our pdfs.

2. Taking questions from the lowermost years ensures that you get enough practice questions for even the smallest of topics. Take for instance, 0620-IGCSE Chemistry that  has just 14 topics. But the subject has about 138 -140 subtopics or even slightly more!.Hence this means that all sutopics do not get assessed every year in every session. This means that a 40 mark MCQ paper for instance can have only  40 different concepts tested, with most concepts repeatedly tested for a large number of  years. So if we do not pick the questions from a large number of years, you will get insufficient practice questions. also sometimes some questions from lowermost years are found to get repeated too in the mcqs! SO it all works to your advantage you see.

3. You get an opportunity to compare the marking schemes of the exact same questions asked in two different years[ wherever repeated] . This gives you an idea of  the different ways of answering the same question

4.Last , but not the least. When the syllabus changes , the entire syllabus does not get replaced completely by totaly new syllabus.Hence including all the relevent questions provides you with the extra resources needed for your concept clarity. Our observationa and a close study tells us that  when syllabus  changes do occur in the following ways:

  • A complete topic is deleted-Such as matrices[ In this case we deleted the topic questions form our Section too]
  • Sub-topics get reshuffled  and now appear under different  lessons.- So we too do the regrouping accordingly-This happened in the economics syllabus for 0455 where topic changed from being 8 to 6
  • New topic are added- Box and whiskers  got added for instance in 0580-IGCSE Math, for the 2020 exams, So the first year of the examination, there were  no questions available.

6. Why do you give the marking schemes and why dont you give MOdel solutions for all questions? We find it difficult to understand the marking schemes. They do not tell exaclt how a graph should look like, how to frame the answers from the marking scheme.

It is really not a big deal to provide you with all the model solutions for each and every question but we believe in the following:

  • We do not want  you to feel helpless , hence we have provided with topic wise solved past papers and Year wise board exam solutions-wherever possible. [ pls check the individual subject for more details} This way you get to learn to frame your answers too.
  • We want to teach you to think smart.We do not want you to get into the habit of cramming answers with ready made solutions. Cambridge IGCSE, infact all Cambridge courses are aimed at fostering application skills.We have infact created special sections ; Example-Last minute revision sheets in 0455-IGCSE Economcis and Constructions section in physics to focus on ray diagrams with more comming up.
  • Also if you have studied the marking schemes carefully, you might have realised that marking schemes suggest a specific vocabulary. Secondly, there are alternative words that Cambridge allows you to incude in your answers. So  providing model solutions would include only one version of the answer and not all versions. Since all individuals think differently, it becomes all the more important to kow all the alternate acceptable answers. 
  • By using the marking schemes, you get to know how questions are maked. Example , doing graphical questions on physics, tell you how marks are internally divided in a [5] mark question for instance. So as you practice more, you eventually begin solving questions keeping in mind the expectations of the Cambridge marking schemes. Now your teacher has a tough time cutting your marks...isnt this awesome!Thats what is the ultimate aim of education
  • We are here to assist you- So we do not inted to ask you to book our tutoring services. All we mean is that if you feel you arent getting a particular answer or not being able to interpret the marking schemes, request us for a solution /video and we shall do whats best for both of us-At Zero additional changes. This is the advantage of membership. 


1. I have already signed up , yet i am unable to login. Now what do i do?

 This might probably be because:

  • You did not verify your email. So if this is the case, then you need to login to your email and then  verify your account by clicking  on the verification link in the email.Only once you do this can you start using the website" Smart Exam Resources"


1.  Does smart exam resources also provide coaching services?

Yes, Smart Exam Resources provides coaching services  for Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Combined and Coordinated Sciences. We also have doubt solving sessions.

2. Are the teachers  competent enough to teach their respective subjects?

100% . All teachers who will ever teach via our website will be professionally trained teachers of cambridge, having taught the relevent syllabus  and subject with rich experience.

3. Will i get a demo session before i book a class?

Yes of-course, you will get a half an hour demo session.The demo session will be a chargeable session The details of the demo session fees shall be conveyed to you via the email.You may send a request for a demo  session at: [email protected]

4. In case i am unable to buy the course/ memberships online or if  i have technical difficulties accessing the website, who do i approach and how long will it take to resolve the isse?

You may contact us at : [email protected] in case you experience issues buying resources online or any other kind of technical support. We will forward your technical issue to the concerned  debeoper team asap. It depends on our developer team as to how fast they  resolve the issue. Also we inform you when the team acknowledges our request. Incase they do not , then we too have to wait till they revert. Usually our developer team attends in24 -48 hours, so  experience says to expect it  during the same time.  So in case we havent responded , it means that our website developer team hasnt reverted too!  So pls be patient after mailing us. 


Stay Safe/Take Care


Smart Exam Resources.