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IGCSE Economics Past Papers Topic Questions /0455/ 0987 (9-1)  Exam Syllabus

(Chapter-wise /topic-wise questions) for Paper 1 (Multiple choice questions) and 2 (Theory Questions), Last minute revision sheets, all prepared by Cambridge trained and experienced expert teachers as per the latest syllabus, are available as a part of the subject's membership.

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  • IGCSE Economics Past Papers by topics: Questions Broken down into the  largest number of  topics possible.
  • Questions followed by Cambridge Marking Schemes.
  • IGCSE Economics Past Papers-Solved [Year-wise]
  • All material as per the latest syllabus. In case of syllabus updates for the same examination years, the same will be updated.
  • Economics key terms/ definitions are also included.
  • Economics Last Minute Revision sheets [ Questions and Answer pdfs] are very popular and much-in-demand revision resources that offer you a quick view of the exact vocabulary needed to answer board exam questions and are 100% matching to the marking schemes. These can be used along with your existing Economics Revision Notes/Revision guides/Study notes, that you might have access to
  • Additionally, year-wise multiple-choice questions have also been included in the quiz section. 
  • All Paper 1 and 2 topic-wise pdf/ Last Minute Revision Sheets /Definition sheets are downloadable and printable. 
  • IGCSE Economics Revision Notes by IGCSE Economics Expert Teachers,  covering the complete prescribed syllabus, with references to exam questions at times and model answers guidelines are the perfect revision buddy.
  • IGCSE Economics Mind-Maps  free for all
  • IGCSE Economics  Past Papers are free for all to download
  • IGCSE Economics Past Papers for 0455 free for all to download

Whats New?

  • We  have uploaded 6 sample solved past exam paper for Paper 2 [ Yearly solutions]. Economics , theory .
  • In all solved past exam papers for all variants will be uploaded from 2018 to 2022 for Oct/May and March Session. That makes for 35 solved past exam papers in all! Please allow us some time.
  • These are  Complementary Resources for paid members, in addition to currently existing resources


  • All the above resources are online. All pdfs are downloadable and printable  There is nothing that our website will courier (ship ) to  any member, paid or free.

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