IGCSE Economics

IGCSE Economics

0455 IGCSE Economics is a beautifully developed subject introduced by Cambridge . It prepares the students for a real life apart from the mere learning of the facts. Infact that is the beauty of every subject that is taken care of by CAIE. 

Here I shall guide you to the effective ways of mastering the subject in the ideal way.

  • Get a copy of your examination syllabus available at cie.org.uk
  • Visit the site for any syllabus updates.
  • Get the Cambridge Endorsed reference books, my personal favourite is the Cambridge University Press endorsed book.It has everything in it that you need to prepare well.
  • Read every topic carefully.Underline every key term that you come across. Go to the web and get as much info on the concept along with real life examples. The deeper your understand the better.
  • For the multiple choice paper, paper 1, learn to solve the 30 MCQ's in the slooted time , ensuring that you have around 10 minutes to recheck your answers and correct them if neccessary. This will come with regular  practise.
  • For the theory, it is important to understand the command word. Following is the image of the list of command words declared  by cambridge:


Analyse examine in detail to show meaning, and identify elements and the relationship between them

  1. Assess -make an informed judgement
  2. Calculate -work out from given facts, figures or information
  3. Comment-give an informed opinion
  4. Compare-identify/comment on similarities and/or differences
  5. Consider-review and respond to given information
  6. Contrast-identify/comment on differences
  7. Define- give a precise meaning
  8. Demonstrate-show how or give an example
  9. Describe- state the points of a topic / give characteristics and main features
  10. Develop-take forward to a more advanced stage or build upon given information
  11. Discuss  write about issue(s) or topic(s) in depth in a structured way
  12. Evaluate- judge or calculate the quality, importance, amount or value of something
  13. Examine- investigate closely, in detail
  14. Explain-set out purposes or reasons / make the relationships between things clear / say why and/or how and support with relevant evidence
  15. Give-produce an answer from a given source or recall/memory
  16. Identify-name/select/recognise
  17. Justify-support a case with evidence/argument
  18. Outline -set out the main points
  19. Predict-suggest what may happen based on available information
  20. Sketch-make a simple freehand drawing showing the key features, taking care over proportions
  21. State-express in clear terms
  22. Suggest-apply knowledge and understanding to situations where there are a range of valid responses to make proposals/put forward considerations
  23. Summarise-choose and present the main points, without detail

Next is to identify the questions across the syllabus based on the same command words and then  solve them . Immediate step is to cross check with the mark schemes. this is because , it is only then you will get to know what was expected out of you forthe question. And doing this will keep you better prepared for your final board exams and also your internal school em]xams including your mocks.

Also , here are some important links I would like to share. While some are free, most will need a membership to access them.

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IGCSE definitions

So thats all for now, until I update you all with more resources

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