IGCSE Economics Last Minute Revision Sheets -Set-1

  • About this section:
  • This section , known as the " Last Minute Revision Section"  or the LMR section is aimed to help speedy revision during board exam time and even otherwise.
  • Each LMR sheet set contains answers to 7 questions taken randomly from the syllabus.
  • All material is  compiled by Cambridge trained staff and is strictly in tune with the syllabus requirements and in the Cambridge required vocabulary
  • We all know that the IGCSE syllabus is based on concepts and application skills. The LMR sheets will help you develop strong concepts with the necessary examination vocabulary.
  • When one religiously makes an effort to learn through these  LMR sheets , there are no  remote chances of he/she losing marks in the exams.


The first set contains answers to the following questions:

  1. Why cant the economic problem ever be solved?
  2. Why workers specialising can reduce the average  cost of production?
  3. Why can an increase in the bank lending  increase  the economic growth?
  4. Do the customers benefit from horizontal mergers?
  5. What is the difference between labour and enterprise?
  6. Discuss whether an increase in the country's factors of production will always increase its demand for  exports.
  7. Describe the main features of the factor of production-Enterprise.

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