0654 Co-ordinated Sciences (Double award)

0654 Cambridge IGCSE Co-ordinated Sciences / Cambridge IGCSE Double Award Science resources can be used by all students who will be writing their exams anywhere from 2021 to 2024.

Validity : 12 Months
Resource contents

Cambridge IGCSE Double Award Science [ 0654]

  • 0654 Co-ordinated Sciences (Double Award) Resources can be used by all students who will be writing their exams anywhere from 2021 to 2024. for the extended curriculum
  • Resources included are Cambridge IGCSE Double Award Science topic question from IGCSE Past Papers/Revision Notes/Videos for 0654
  • Questions are categorised as Biology Paper 2/ Paper 4/ Paper 6; Chemistry Paper 2/ Paper 4/ Paper 6; and Physics Paper 2/ Paper 4/ Paper 6.
  • Revision Notes: Revision Notes for Physics /Chemistry/Biology of Coordinated[ Double award ] Sciences are up. A few minor uploads will be completed  , but might take some time. Note that the revision notes are an additional feature, so kindly execute patience until then.
  •  Model Solutions[ Solved Past Ppaers] : We plan to upload IGCSE Past Paper Expert Answers for Past Exam Papers for Coordinated sciences[ 0654] for a couple of years soon. This will help you understand how questions are to be answered.
  • Expert tips : These will basically be targetted for Paper 6 alternative to practicals and will guide you  in scoring to your maximum potential by telling you what examiners expert  while answering questions based on analysis of previous exam papers. These will be uploaded soon.
  • Video lectures:We plan at providing video lectures covering the complete two year syllabus to minimse youe reliance on coaching and encourage self study habits  at a very minimal cost of the subject membership.[ Videos are in progress]
  • Kindly keep checking the section for regular updates.


  • Please read the course description carefully.
  • Kindly execute patience when we say that the resources are in the process of being added.
  • All the above resources are online. All pdfs are downloadable and printable  There is nothing that our website will courier (ship ) to  any member, paid or free.

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