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IGCSE Chemistry past papers

  •  IGCSE Chemistry Past Exam  Question Papers,Examiner Reports, Mark Schemes, Syllabus , Syllabus changes, Syllabus updates
  •  for Exam Papers 0620 IGCSE Chemistry  have been classified   separately into March / October-November and May Sessions and have all three variants.
  • Separate section exists for IGCSE Chemistry 0971 (9-1) Past Papers.
  • The examinations are held in March / October -November and May- June Sessions.
  • Papers are available for  six administrative time zones. It is a myth that one must solve papers belonging to one's own time zone. Solving papers for different time zones makes you better prepared.
  • The questions and mark schemes  , along with confidential reports, specimen papers and syllabus copies  have been uploaded as PDF
  • After solving past paper questions, while checking the answers, you must look at special instructions and the mark scheme abbreviations. That way you master every subject  easily.
  • All papers are downloadable and printable as they are available in the pdf form


0620 IGCSE Chemistry Past Papers
This page contains  IGCSE  Chemistry Past Papers for Chemistry for the paper code 0620. We need to now specify the paper number as well because earlier there used to be just one IGCSE Chemistry which was numbered as 0620, but of late , another option for Chemistry has ben introduced by Cambridge ( CAIE). This new option is called as  0971 (9-1)  IGCSE Chemistry. This syllabus is graded from 9 to 1 but is otherwise the same as Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry (0620).

SO if you have chosen to appear for  0971 (9-1)  IGCSE Chemistry and are  worried that you do not have any practise papers for your paper code, then you need not worry. The papers available for 0620  can also be used to prepare yourself for this newly introduced subject option.

About the multiple choice question paper, core theory paper, extended theory paper and the alternative to practical exam paper.

Also , until 2015, the paper code for the multiple choice question paper was paper 1.  Also another important thing to note there was that , the core and the extended students were supposed to appear fro the same multiple choice paper number 1. So , both; the core and the extended students  studied the core syllabus for their multiple choice question  exam ( MCQ) .
The  extended theory paper code  was '3'. So students used to refer to paper 3 questions, if they desired to practise the extended theory papers.
The core students on the other hand solved paper 2  for getting a good practise of the core theory exam paper.
From 2016, the paper codes for Chemistry underwent some revision. Now the core MCQ paper was numbered as 1. So it had its variants  ( versions) as 11/12/13 .The extended students had to now appear for an MCQ paper that was numbers as 2, with its variants being 21/22/23.The core theory papers were renumbered to '3' with variants 31/32/33 and the extended theory paper wa srenumbered to "4", with variants 41/42/43. Whether to appear for 11/12/13,  21/22/23 and 31/32/33 ; 41/42/43; 51/52/53 and  61/62/63 gets decided on the time zone that you  fall into. Paper 5   ( Variants 51/52/53 )stayed as the practical paper along with paper 6  (Variants 61/62/63) which is the alternative to practical paper. The above information is to help you decide as to which papers to solve , incase you are learning Cambridge IGCSE for the first time.


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