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IGCSE Chemistry topic wise  past papers

  • 0620 and 0971( 9-1) Paper 2/4/6 IGCSE Chemistry topic questions with answers for multiple choice , extended theory and alternative to practical paper.
  • Topic wise questions on smallest on topics. So for example, out topic wise past exam questions for Stoichiometry are further separated into  the following topics: Writing equations using state symbols,writing chemical equations,formula of compounds, questions on molar mass,excess, limiting reagents,molecular , empirical formula, molar gas volume, formula of compounds, writing ionic equations etc. 
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  • Through the following free topic wise past paper pdfs , you may  get an idea of the topic wise past papers on our website.

    Also, for a complete set of topic wise past papers, with the minutest of bifurcation as per the latest syllabus for 2023/2024 and 2025 IGCSE Chemistry examinations, do buy our  resources for chemistry by clicking on the image above.

    Here are some of the key features about our IGCSE Chemistry topic wise past papers:

  • Questions on the smallest possible topics, which no other website will give you as on date.
  • Giving you only relevant questions. So for example if out of Q1a/b/c/d, only the part a belongs to stoichiometry, then parts b/c/d have been removed. This is important as this will help you save the ink and the paper. It will also save you from all the frustration that will develop, if you have to identify the relevant sub-parts of the questions yourself!


Here are some sample pdfs from paper 1  [ Multiple Choice Paper] for 0620 IGCSE Chemistry.

  • Note that changes happen as time progresses to the content of the pdfs.
  • All questions  available as pdfs are  completely downloadable and printable.
  • Following are only  a few samples, more data is available in the paid members area

Sample copies of Multiple Choice Questions and Mark schemes for:

Topic 1 States of matter:





Topic 2 Atoms elements and compounds:





Topic 3: Stoichiometry




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