Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint Stage 7 Physics

Resources for Cambridge Lower Secondary Stage 7 Physics [ Notes/ Practice Questions and Mark Schemes Included. Note that Progress tracking MCQ's will be uploaded soon.

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  Cambridge Lower Secondary Stage 7  Physics  Resources Stage 7


  • Topic questions for Physics with mark schemes.
  • These Topic Questions have been taken from  Cambridge IGCSE Past Exam Papers and not from Cambridge Lower Secondary Past Papers. The questions are mapped to  your  curriculum to give you application based question practice.
  • All Questions come with mark schemes.
  • Model answers by our Experts might be  present  for very few questions. Otherwise all questions come with Mark Schemes
  • Gradually all questions will have expert- answers, but this will take time
  • Special Progress Tracking  MCQ's have been included for additional practice, and also with the intention of providing you with more questions.
  • The course is also  ideal as a " Pre-IGCSE  Course', ensuring that your IGCSE journey begins on a much easier note.
  • Cambridge Lower Secondary  Questions  from some of the past papers will also be included gradually.
  • All pdf resources are completely downloadable and printable post successful payment by logging into your registered  account

About the syllabus:

Irrespective of whether you use the books by Cambridge University Press or Hodder or Collins, eventually all students appear for the same checkpoint syllabus and hence study the same curriculum. Following are the details of the syllabus related to Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint for Stage 7 Physics

  • Measurement: Topics covered are :Measuring length, mass, time. Accuracy of measurements and recording temperature and about liquid-in-glass-thermometers.
  • Energy: Topics covered are: Different forms of energy and their transfer and conversion. Energy Transfer Diagrams and wasted energy.
  • Sound: Topic covered are  : How sound waves are produced, particle model of sound, propagation of sound, reflection of sound, echoes
  • Electricity: Topic covered are: Structure of an atom, Conductors and insulators, Simple circuits, Component symbols, Measuring current  and the basic working of a series circuit.


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