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Here is a list of subject specific discount coupon codes with validity: All the following resources are for Cambridge IGCSE

Following coupon codes are only valid for today [30th April 2024]. The validity will not be extended further.Hope you make the most of the available discounts. 

  • 0625 IGCSE Physics   LAWS10   [ 10%]
  • 0620 IGCSE Chemistry    REACTIONS10     [ 10%]
  • 0610  IGCSE Biology        NUTRITION10    [ 10%]
  • 0580 IGCSE Math   GEOMETRY10   [ 10%]
  • 0607 Cambridge International Math [ IGCSE]      CIRCLE10     [ 10%]   
  • 0606 Additional Math [IGCSE]     CALCULUS10         [ 10%]
  • 0455 IGCSE Economics        DEMAND10      [ 10%]

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