The course is for 0653-IGCSE-Combined Sciences for the extended curriculum with latest updates

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This membership gives you access to IGCSE combined science topic wise past papers/Chapterwise past papers/ Combined science board exam past papers .Study notes for combined science will be uploaded soon.The membership has the following features:

  • IGCSE Combined Science broken down in Physics/Chemistry and biology. This has been done so that you can easily master one topic from any
  • Further every Physics/Chemistry and Biology subject has been broken into paper 2/4/6 . This means there is separate classification for Physics/Chemistry/Biology-Multiple choice questions/Extended theory questions and the Alternative to practicals questions.
  • Questions are from the lowermost years to the most recent years. That way you get maximum number of practice questions under every topic.
  • Yearly board exam past papers are available  under the free resources section.Alternatively , you may also click on this link  here
  • Site has regular updates
  • More resources such as study notes/Expert tips will be uploaded soon.
  • Tutoring facility available at discounted rates for  subject members.

Thats all  on the course intro. Stay safe and take care.-Team -Smart Exam Resources

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