IGCSE Past Paper Corrections

IGCSE Past Paper Correction for Physics/Chemistry/Biology/Combined/Coordinated Science



'IGCSE Past Papers ' Correction process explained:

  • IGCSE Past Papers  can be got corrected by our subject experts
  • The facility is available for Extended/ Core  Theory and Alternative to Practicals
  • The subjects included are from paper codes:  0625 /0971 (9-1) Physics     0620 /0971 (9-1) Chemistry     0610 /0970 (9-1) Biology      0653 Combined Science     0654 Coordinated Science
  • Every  corrected paper will be returned  within 7 working days of  the date of submission.
  • All papers will be corrected based on Cambridge Mark Schemes and graded accordingly.
  • Only the paper that will be sent  will be corrected. We canot accept resquest for checking another paper in place of the one sent earlier.


 Details of IGCSE Past Papers that you may submit for correction :

  • The past papers should only be strictly from the  Cambridge IGCSE Paper Codes mentioned above
  • You may submit the papers from any variants that you wish to.
  • A maximum number of  6 papers may be submitted at a time by one student.This is to ensure that proper time can be allotted by our subject experts for  each paper
  • The papers can only be  submitted after  successful payment of charges 


 Details of IGCSE Past Papers that you may submit for correction :

  • The past papers should only be strictly from the IGCSE paper codes mentioned above
  • You may submit the papers from any variants that you wish to.
  • The papers should be submitted for correction within  48 hours of the payment.Hence it is advisable to either  finish solving all your papers and then upload them for correction to avoid issues later.
  • You will have  to always confirm with us before-hand , the number of papers that you will be uploading for correction, even if you have saved the payment details previously. This is to check the availability of our staff for the same. 
  • If payment is made without  coordinating with us, then the time for sending back the corrected past papers will be decided by Smart Exam Resources and the same will be communicated over email.


What is to be  expected / not expected  from  a corrected  IGCSE Past Exam Paper emailed back to you? :

  • Papers will be corrected  exactly as per IGCSE Mark Scheme.
  • If your  answers are incorrect,  you will receive a suggestion for the correct answer as per the mark scheme. The mark schemes might have many alternative answers, all cannot be made available to you as the suggested answers. We shall pick an answer out of the many alternatives.
  • Sometimes , when mark schemes do not provide  a clear answer, our experts will provide one, based on their   rich experience. Your personal/or  teacher opinion may vary , but will not be binding on us. We will consider the decision of our subject experts final.
  • There will not be  unnecessary explanations and steps beyond the mark schemes, given by our experts, as apart of the correction process.
  • Remember , this paper correction service is to help you polish your exam paper answering skills . This is because  during the exam, you will not have time to write  lengthy answers  using unwanted details. There will be a limited space and time  available , hence unnecessary use of words will not help. Next, If you are any-ways going to get 2 marks for  writing 2 points then writing 5 points will not fetch you more marks. The most important thing to note here is that,  the ultimate aim of appearing for an examination is to be able to score to your maximum potential. If you waste time in writing unwanted  and lengthy answers, you might not have enough time  left to answer all questions and  consequently, you will end up scoring low grades. This is what we do not wish to happen to you. So we have to ensure that we be strict  here.
  • While you may choose to solve past papers belonging to any of the years, you may not be able to identify questions that are out of your current syllabus. All questions present in your submitted papers,  that are out of syllabus, will  be marked as "out of syllabus" and sent uncorrected, while the rest will be corrected. But since you are solving an entire IGCSE Past Paper, you must have by then got to know the complete syllabus and be able to cross out such questions on your own.



Method of registering for the paper correction process

  • Email us at [email protected]  or whatsapp us on +91 8424052680
  • We shall share with you the payment  and other details.


The method of exchange of papers between you and us and the quality of the uploaded papers:

  • Solved Past Papers must be scanned and made into a single paper as it was originally before emailing to us for correction.   [ please do not send jumbled pages]
  • Scanning must be done trying to keep the pages perfectly vertical and answers must be clearly readable. If you have stapled the papers, we advice you to  remove the pins and then scan, this will avoid most of the scanning related issues. We might have to ask you to re-submit papers that are not clear. Please write legibly . Avoid scribbling and overwriting
  • Papers must be submitted as  pdf files.
  • Corrected papers will be  shared over your registered email id. 


 Cost of IGCSE Past Paper Correction :

  • The cost of getting each past exam paper corrected is Rs 600/- (+ 18% gst) =Rs 600 +  108 = Rs 708 . Those paying via PayPal, the cost would be 15 dollars due to international charges incurred in the process 


Refunds :

  • There is no refund possible post payment due to technical hassles. So kindly only go ahead paying if you are  sure.