IGCSE Physics Past Papers

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IGCSE Physics Past papers

1. Cambridge IGCSE Physics (0625)-May June session papers can be found  in the CAIE  link  mentioned below:

  • Cambridge IGCSE Physics (0625) is a science subject  under CAIE.

  • The IGCSE physics exams are conducted in three sessions; namely:May,October and March. The March session is also called as the India session and  students in India can appear for March exams.
  • Along with the question papers, CAIE also publishes a marking scheme. The marking scheme  has the answers and the distribution of marks for the answers.

Here is how to interpret the paper code of IGCSE Physics 0625 : 0625_s16_ms_12.pdf  

  • 0625- this is the  IGCSE Physics paper code ;
  • In s16, s stands for summer and 16 stands for 2016
  • ms stands for marking scheme and
  • lastly 12 means paper 1 , variant 2



Syllabus Objectives

Following are the syllabus aims declared by CAIE for 0625 IGCSE Physics. Learners and teachers are strongly advised to go through them.These will be your guiding star in your journey  towards achieving  excellent results as per youir potential.

  • The aims describe the purposes of a course based on this syllabus.
  • You can deliver some of the aims using suitable local, international or historical examples and applications, or through collaborative experimental work.
  • The aims are to:

1.  provide an enjoyable and worthwhile educational experience for all learners, whether or not they go on to study science beyond this level

2.  enable learners to acquire sufficient knowledge and understanding to:

  • – become confident citizens in a technological world and develop an informed interest in scientific matters
  • – be suitably prepared for studies beyond Cambridge IGCSE

3. allow learners to recognise that science is evidence based and understand the usefulness, and the limitations, of scientific method

4. develop skills that:

  • – are relevant to the study and practice of physics
  • – are useful in everyday life
  • – encourage a systematic approach to problem solving
  • – encourage efficient and safe practice
  • – encourage effective communication through the language of science

5.  develop attitudes relevant to physics such as:

  • – concern for accuracy and precision
  • – objectivity
  • – integrity
  • – enquiry
  • – initiative
  • – inventiveness

6.  enable learners to appreciate that:

  • – science is subject to social, economic, technological, ethical and cultural influences and limitations
  • – the applications of science may be both beneficial and detrimental to the individual, the community and the environment.

2. Below are a few free topic-wise past papers for Physics/ Section-General Physics-Paper-2 

  • The  following  resources are completely helpful for all examinations up to 2022. 
  • For 2023/2024 and 2025 examinations, you will find all relevant  updated resources at this link here: NEW  RESOURCES FOR 2023/2024/2025-IGCSE PHYSICS EXAMS
  • We are sure you will  find these resources useful. In case you wish to download more free resources then please  signup for free in this website and begin downloading and printing them.
  • Note that the following resources have been provided as a sample. So that if you are new to Cambridge or are in the process of exploring a variety of IGCSE Physics Resources, then this will help you.
  • Our membership site has a complete set of resources  that includes IGCSE physics Video Lectures, Solved Past Papers [ Model Solutions], Revision Notes, Topic Questions, Learner guide and a lot more . Also, our  topic questions are different . Please do compare them by visiting our physics members area, with the resources available on other IGCSE Websites.
  • Here is the membership area link for IGCSE Physics  Resources for 0625 and  0972(9-1) Physics


Topic :

Measuring Length:

Topic Questions  / Model Solutions

Measuring Volume :

Topic Questions  / Mark Scheme 

Measuring Time:

Topic Questions / Model Solutions

Measuring density

Topic Questions / Mark Scheme


Questions / Mark Scheme


Questions / Mark Scheme


Questions / Mark Scheme

Energy conversion

Questions / Mark Scheme

Work Energy Power Numericals

Questions / Mark Scheme


Questions / Mark Scheme


Questions / MarkScheme

Nuclear Fusion

Question / Mark Scheme


Question / Mark Scheme

Transverse and longitudinal waves

Question / Mark Scheme



A special Note on IGCSE Physics Examination:

  • IGCSE Physics is an application based curriculum. Here not only are your core concepts tested, but also your application skills.
  • Hence, these examinations are  all about mastering the art of solving past papers efficiently, using the correct scientific vocabulary.
  • Also there are three different application types  needed to master while solving past papers.
  • One is  the art of solving multiple choice questions correctly. These questions require a strong subject foundations, along with  great interpretation skills. You barely get a minute to  read, think , analyze and decide on the correct answer.
  • Next is the extended theory paper or the core paper. Here again there are short structured questions given to you, that may also include drawing, sketching a graph along with other type of questions. Along with an excellent understanding of the concepts, you also need good analytical skills and reasoning skills. Reasoning has be scientifically correct and in the correct vocabulary.
  • Finally the last paper is the alternative to practicals or the practical paper. 
  • For the alternative to practicals paper, you need  a good understanding of various laboratory procedures and a complete knowledge of the measuring techniques, safety measures, names of apparatus and  graph sketching and analytical skills.This is possible only if you school takes care to conduct a large number of experiments  for the subject. If you do not get enough lab exposure, then you need to search for online help on various sites and check if any coaching for alternative to practicals is possible. If both the things are not possible, then something that will be 100 % helpful, will be solving as many   physics past papers as possible. The more you solve the better. 
  • Finally the practical exam physics paper can be aced, if and only if, you get good exposure to various experiments. Here the school will play the most important role. The dedicated team of subject experts will be able to make  all the difference.




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