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Paper-4-IGCSE-Past Exam Papers-Topic wise solved / Paper-4-Topic-Questions-Nuclear-Physics-Theory-Solved
  • 6.1.1-Isotopes.pdf
  • 6.2.1-Properties of radiations.pdf
  • 6.2.3-Radioactive decay.pdf
  • 6.2.4-Radioactive decay-Half life.pdf
  • 6.2.5-Use of X-rays.pdf
  • 6.3.1-Absorption of particles.pdf
  • 6.4.2-Deflection of alpha particles by gold nucleus.pdf
  • 6.4.3-Deflection of particles.pdf

IGCSE Physics Practice Questions and Answers pdf, Nuclear Physics

  • These are paper 4 Extended Theory Model Solutions for Past Paper Questions.
  • These are the theory questions

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