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  1. IGCSE Physics Topic Questions Paper 4 Preview
  2. These area few of the topic questions with mark schemes for IGCSE Physics for Topic 1 for 0625 and 0972 (9-1) Paper  4 Structure Theory Questions
  3. All  resources are prepared by Cambridge trained teachers with over a decade of experience in teaching IGCSE and undergone all related Cambridge  training programmes .
  4. Everything is matched to the latest syllabus requirements for 2023 to 2025 Exams.

What is there in this preview section?

  • The preview section has sample copies of resources that are a part of the subject membership.
  • Remember , these are just sample copies, so you will  get access to only a few resources in this section.
  • To get complete access to all resources , you will need to take a paid membership.

Why are our topic questions  unique?

Reason 1: Because we have divided each topic into as many smaller topics as possible.

For instance, While most sites give you the  topic questions with the name " Thermal Physics", our experts have broken down thermal Physics Questions into:

  • Bronian Motion
  • Conduction/Convection /Radiation
  • Evaporation and Boiling
  • Gas laws
  • Pressure of gases
  • Specific Heat Capacity

Because, we know that if we dont do it for you, then you will end up searching questions for the above topic on your own!

Think: How else will you be able to find these questions

No other site does this for you!

Reason 2: We have kept only the relevant questions . 

Most sites give you questions under  the name Say " Mass and Weight" But When you read carefully , you find irrelevant questions on potential energy and energy efficiency too in it!

Ask your self:

  • Are you going to solve questions on energy , while wanting to solve questions on "Mass and Weight" ?
  • Of course not! Why would you?
  • So, you only end up printing irrelevant stuff too, wasting ink and then again trying to figure out , what's not in your  current topic and staying frustrated!.

What i have told you above is more for the theory papers , where one question from multiple topics may be assessed.

We Give:

  1. Only relevant Questions
  2. Questions on  every small topic as far as possible.

An advice:

  • It is good to search for free resources online.
  • But it is recommended to buy resources from membership websites. only. In that case, any membership site, not just ours!
  • This is because, when its free, there is no obligation to provide relevant and updated resources.. The idea might  possibly be  to promote a website .
  • But paid websites provide updated  and relevant content to  its members  as they have an expert  team dedicated to do it .
  • Also, it is important to have resources created by trained and experienced teachers of that particular subject. Remember anyone can create resources, its not really difficult, but only an experienced teacher knows where students need to work hard the most. So always make sure that the resources that you are using are made by Cambridge trained  experts with rich  experience  only, if you are buying Cambridge Resources.
  • And when you are trying to prepare for exams, quality, reliability and relevance  are of utmost importance.

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