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Paper-6-IGCSE-Past Exam Papers-Topic wise solved / Paper-6-Topic-Questions-Motion-forces-and-energy-Questions-Solved
  • 1.1.1-Quantities-Unis.pdf
  • 1.1.2-Quantities-units.pdf
  • 1.2.1-Finding density of a card.pdf
  • 1.2.2-Finding density of a cylinder.pdf
  • 1.2.3-Finding density of glass.pdf
  • 1.2.4-Finding density of plasticine.pdf
  • 1.2.5-Comparing density differences.pdf
  • 1.2.6-Finding density of a metal.pdf
  • 1.2.7-Determining density of material.pdf
  • 1.3.1-Finding weight of a rule.pdf
  • 1.4.1-Timing a simple pendulum.pdf
  • 1.4.2-Timing a simple pendulum.pdf
  • 1.4.3-Timing a simple pendulum.pdf
  • 1.4.4-Timing a simple pendulum.pdf
  • 1.4.5-Timing a simple pendulum.pdf
  • 1.4.6-Timing a simple pendulum.pdf
  • 1.4.7-Timing a simple pendulum.pdf
  • 1.4.8-Timing a simple pendulum.pdf
  • 1.4.9-Timing a simple pendulum.pdf
  • 1.4.10-Timing a simple pendulum.pdf
  • 1.4.11-Investigating oscillation of a meter rule.pdf
  • 1.4.12-Investigating oscillation of a mass.pdf
  • 1.5.1-Determining mass of a load.pdf
  • 1.6.1-Finding volume of a sphere.pdf
  • 1.7.1-Length-Circumference-Volume of a pencil.pdf
  • 1.8.1.-Measuring dimensions of a modelling clay.pdf
  • 1.9.1-Motion of a steel ball.pdf
  • 1.15.1-Hookes law.pdf
  • 1.15.2-Hookes law.pdf
  • 1.15.3-Hookes law.pdf
  • 1.15.4-Hookes law.pdf
  • 1.15.5-Hookes law.pdf
  • 1.15.6-Hookes law.pdf
  • 1.16.1-Investigating moments.pdf
  • 1.16.2-Investigating moments.pdf
  • 1.16.3-Investigating moments.pdf
  • 1.16.4.-Investigating moments.pdf

IGCSE Physics Solved Past Paper Questions

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