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Paper-6-IGCSE-Past Exam Papers-Topic wise solved / Paper-6-Topic-Questions-Electricity-and-Magnetism-Solved
  • 4.1.1-Series-Parallel circuits.pdf
  • 4.1.2-Series-Parallel circuits.pdf
  • 4.1.3-Series-Parallel circuits.pdf
  • 4.1.4-Series-Parallel circuits.pdf
  • 4.1.5-Series-Parallel circuits.pdf
  • 4.1.6-Series-Parallel circuits.pdf
  • 4.2.1-Investigate resistance of a wire.pdf
  • 4.2.2-Investigate resistance of lamps.pdf
  • 4.2.3-Investigate resistance of wire.pdf
  • 4.2.4-Comparing combined resistance.pdf
  • 4.2.5-Investigating resistance of a wire.pdf
  • 4.2.6-Investigating resistance of bare wire.pdf
  • 4.2.7-Investigating resistance of wires.pdf
  • 4.2.8-Investigate resistance of a wire.pdf
  • 4.2.9-Investigate resistance of a wire.pdf
  • 4.2.10-Investigating resistance of 2 wires.pdf
  • 4.2.11-Investigating resistance of a resistor.pdf
  • 4.3.1-Investigating resistance of a resistor.pdf
  • 4.4.1-Relation between pd and current.pdf
  • 4.4.2-Relation between pd and current.pdf
  • 4.5.1-Investigate pd and current in wires.pdf
  • 4.5.2-Investigate pd across a resistor.pdf
  • 4.5.3-Investigate pd across resistors.pdf
  • 4.6.1-Quantities and units.pdf
  • 4.7.1-Relation between length of wire and resistance.pdf

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