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igcse chemistry revision notes

  • 6-Chemical energetics

  • 6.1-Endothermic and exothermic reactions
  • 6.2-Energy level diagrams
  • 6.3-Calculating bond energies
  • 6.4-Fuel and fuel cells
  • 7-Chemical reactions

  • 7.1-Physical and chemical changes
  • 7.2-Rate of reaction
  • 7.2.2-Speed of a reaction-Special guidelines
  • 7.3-Photochemical reactions
  • 7.4-Reversible reactions
  • 7.5-Redox reactions
  • 7.6-Equilibrium reactions-Effect of pressure
  • 7.6-Equilibrium reactions-Effect of temperature
  • 7.6-factors affecting equilibrium
  • 8-Acids bases and salts

  • 8.1-Properties and general reactions
  • 8.2-Reactions of acids on indicators
  • 8.3-Conolling soil acidity
  • 8.4-Types of oxides
  • 8.5-Identufying cations
  • 8.6-test for anions
  • 8.7-Test for gases
  • 8.8-Preparing salts
  • 9-The peiodic table

  • 9.1-Periodic table -basics
  • 9.2-Metallic to non-metallic character across a period
  • 9.3-Group-1-elements
  • 9.4-Halogens
  • 9.5-Transition metal elements
  • 9.6-Nobel gases
  • 10-Metals

  • 10.1-basic properties of metals
  • 10.2-Alloys
  • 10.3-Reaction of metals
  • 10.4.1-Decomposition reactions-Overview
  • 10.4.2-Decomposition reactions-Metal hydroxides
  • 11-Air and water

  • 11.1-Composition of clean air
  • 11.2-Fractional distillation of clean air
  • 11.3-Air pollution-Source of air pollutants
  • 11.4.1-Air pollution-Adverse effects of oxides of nitrogen
  • 11.4.2-Air pollution-Adverse effects
  • 11.5-Air pollution-A global concern
  • 11.6-Air pollution-Catalytic convertors
  • 11.7-Haber process
  • 11.8-Nitrogen and fertilizers
  • 11.9-carbon dioxide and methane
  • 11.10-Water-Use and Chemical tests
  • 11.11-Treatment of water
  • 11.12-Implications of inadequate supply of water
  • 12-Sulfur

  • 12.1-Sulfur-Sulfur dioxide and sulfuric acid
  • 12.2-Contact process
  • 13-Carbonates

  • 13.1-Thermal decomposition of calcium carbonate
  • 13.2-Use of lime-limestone-slaked lime
  • 13.3-Flue gas desulfurisation
  • 14-Complete organic chemistry

IGCSE Chemistry Revision Notes :

  • The following are the video links for the IGCSE Chemistry Revision Notes  for the  latest syllabus  for the exams for the years  2023/2024/2025.
  • These notes are updated as per the revised. syllabus. 
  • They have all concepts and definitions accepted by the Cambridge and are adhering to the mark schemes.
  • They also have many   past paper questions   and answers as a part of solutions. The idea being, to help you relate the concepts you learn to their application.
  • And more effort has been taken to see that printing these notes  does not drain your printer ink!.  Images have been included in a way to minimize the resource wastage  for the end user.
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