IGCSE Physics Key terms / key definitions

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  • IGCSE Physics definitions, essential glossary of terms  and laws and formulae  for 0625 and 0972 (9-1). All essential key words and definitions for complete syllabus
  • This section has been developed to help you clear your understanding on the various terms and definitions that are  considered important for a student of physics.
  • IGCSE Phyiscs  with subject code 0625 and  0972 (9-1) Physics are application based syllabi, just like any other Cambridege IGCSE subjects. This means that one must know the concepts well to be able to solve application based questions.
  • Note that the key terms  for IGCSE Physics can be used by students of 0625 and 0972. This is because there is no difference in the syllabus content. The only difference ies in the way in which the ultiage grading is done in the board exams.
  • This section has been designed for the new syllabus, for the board exams for 2023/2024 and 2025.
  • It is important to note that there have been major syllabus changes as compared to the previous years syllabus. A new topic called as " Space Physics" has been introduced.So it should be clearly understood that there cannot be any practise questions from past papers available for  this particular topic Also , the unit 1 has been renamed as " Motion, forces and energy". Many of the topics have been deleted and reshuffled as per the requirement of the new syllabus.So the section of physics key terms has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of the new syllabus.
  • So, in this section, you can expect to find the meaning of the simplest of terms such as  mass, weight and also complex terms such as critical angle, total internal reflection etc.
  • All laws that are a part of the syllabus have been included.
  • In fact a definition of every small term has been provided so that this section functions like a  IGCSE physics dictionary for you.
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