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IGCSE Physics Model Solutions

 IGCSE Physics Model Solutions/Solved Past Papers

Cambridge IGCSE Physics Past Paper Questions and answers available , both as year wise solutions and topic wise solutions.
The IGCSE Physics model solutions is designed to provide you with a variety of solutions as mentioned below:

  • IGCSE Yearly board exam papers-Solved
  • IGCSE topic-wise past papers Solved
  • IGCSE-Constructions Section


Let me explain to you the importance of each kind of solved past papers.

  • IGCSE Yearly board exam papers-Solved: This section contains past papers for igcse for physics solved as per the board marking scheme requirement. For calculations, indepth steps have been shown along with supporting diagrams where required. These are helpful , particularly when the  student is solved board exam past papers and needs help with  board paper solutions

May-June-2019-Paper-4-variant -1 [Paper code:0625/41/M/J/19]

October-November-2019-Paper-4-variant -1 [Paper code:0625/413O/N/19]

IGCSE  physics paper 6 model answers

Our highly experienced Cambridge trained teacher written solutions  to past papers are the ideal.  They tell you exactly what is expected for every answer.





IGCSE topic-wise past papers Solved: This section  includes a large number of questions based on various topics . The idea is that students understand how the papers are to be solved, as an when they are progressing from one lesson to the next. That way, they are fully prepared when board exams are nearing.


IGCSE Constructions section: This section has the construction diagrams from igcse past papers for physics from the lesson: Properties of waves , including light and sound.This is because many students have requested as marking schemes sometimes are not giving ray diagrams andhence students, particularly home schoolers feel a lot helpless.



With this , here i present to you our topic wise past papers. May these papers help you in your learning.

God bless you all


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