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IGCSE Physics Study notes/Revision Notes

Smart Exam Resources is happy to share a few of its membership area study notes , so that  non-members can use them for reference and  also understand the quality of the study notes that Smart Exam Resources provides.

Key features of our IGCSE Physics Study Notes:

  • They cover each and every concept that is a part of the latest IGCSE Syllabus.
  • Notes are updated as per syllabus changes.
  • Notes are in-tune with the IGCSE Markschemes. 
  • They give you an idea about the various kinds of application based questions that can be a part of the IGCSE Physics Examinations.
  • The notes are made using the vocabulary that is expected of an IGCSE Student studying Physics.
  • They have the best explanations  and are high quality notes in the true sense
  • All the topics are  named based on the IGCSE Syllabus and not on any one particular author.So,  IGCSE Physics students all over the world  referring different reference books ( Text Books) can use them .

So, if you feel that you always learn everything well, but yet fail to score good, then  these notes are a " Must Read"

So...Happy Learning dear all.

Electricity and magnetism


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